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The Art SHAC

A 501(c)(3)  Creative Reuse Nonprofit

The Art SHAC is a place where people in Winston-Salem and surrounding areas can get affordable upcycled art materials. To provide these materials, we rely on community donations. We also offer classes using repurposed art materials. Through this outreach, the Art SHAC inspires creativity, sustainability, and community.

Painting Equipments


Our Story

A group of artists in Winston-Salem wanted a place where art was accessible and supplies were affordable to everyone in the community. So they decided to create that place. But it was also important to them that their place would be built on green practices. So they learned about “up-cycling,” which is the conversion of used materials into something new. And they decided that’s what the community needed, a Second Hand Art Cooperative. And The Art SHAC was born.

Donation Guidelines

For a complete list click the Pdf button

Artists Paints, Drawing Materials, Tools & Supplies

  • watercolor, acrylic, oil paints and gesso (not dried out)

  • gel mediums

  • like new brushes

  • canvases, wood canvases

  • colored pencils, charcoals, pastels

  • printmaking items

Art & Craft Paper 

  • collage/scrapbooking paper, & embellishments

  • watercolor paper, drawing pads, construction paper

  • butcher Paper (rolls)

  • paper sample books, maps, calendars 

  •  art & vintage magazines

  • temporarily pausing art book donations

  • blank journals

  • postage stamps

  • old blueprints

Fabric, Fibers & Notions

  • fabric 

  • embroidery supplies

  • knitting supplies

  • macrame supplies

  • vintage napkins & hand towels

  • notions: zippers, buttons, beads, thread, needles, pins, trim, lace, ribbon, velcro, leather

  • sewing patterns

General Craft Supplies

  • glue, tape, duct tape

  • scissors & paper cutters

  • dowels, pom poms, pipe cleaners

  • glitter & google eyes

  • modge podge

  • chalk

  • ink stamp and pads

  • doll making items

  • scrapbooking 

  • stencils & transfer letters

  • cigar boxes

Designer's World

Contact Us

‪(336) 365-6751‬

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